Devine By Name, Divine By Nature!

A history of the Devine name and New Zealand Devine families

Garry Devine's Family Tree

Garry Samuel Devine (1940), my father, married Raewyn Phyllis Harris (1943) daughter of Henry Alfred & Meryl Phyllis Harris (nee Olsen ) 1962 at the Holy Trinity Church, Woodville.

Garry & Raewyn are separated but have four children:

Shane Garry Devine

Michelle Rae Benton
(nee Devine,1965)

Terry Richard Devine

Scott Jason Devine

Teresa Mary Devine Shane Garry Devine Joseph Harris Devine Shani Aleisha Benton Scott Jason Devine Garry Samuel Devine Karen Margaret Devine Michelle Rae Benton Kyle Todd Benton Spencer Garry Devine Kerry Norman Benton Terry Richard Devine Garry Devine Family in 2000

Shane Garry Devine ~ Teresa Mary Devine (nee Edge, 1967)
Married 1995 - now seperated

Spencer Garry Devine

Joseph Harris Devine

Family Photograph

Michelle Rae Benton (nee Devine) ~ Kerry Norman Benton (1961)
Married 1984 - now seperated

Kyle Todd Benton

Shani Aleisha Benton

Family Photograph

Terry Richard Devine ~ Karen Margaret Devine (nee Jamieson, 1969)
Married 1992

Ashleigh Devine

Lucas Devine

Ethan Devine

Wedding Photograph

Scott Jason Devine ~ Diedre Joan Devine (nee Brown, 1966)
Married 2009

Wedding Photograph

Samantha Anne Brown
From Dee's previous marriage

Garry Devine's Family Photos