Devine By Name, Divine By Nature!

A history of the Devine name and New Zealand Devine families

Rex Devine's Family Tree

Rex James Devine (1935) ~ Patricia Elizabeth Stringer (1936)
Married 1958

Colleen Francis Sweeney
(nee Devine, 1959)

Kevin James Devine

Charmayne Maree King
(nee Devine, 1964)

Colleen Married Dave (2002)

Wedding Photo

Colleen Married Daryl Sweeney (now divorced).

Colleen & Gary Reynolds

Shana Maree Sweeney

Renee Michelle Sweeney

Tahlee Rose Reynolds

Kevin James Devine & Linda Arrowsmith

Jinny Louise Arrowsmith

Charmayne Maree King (nee Devine) ~ Shane Richard King
Married 2001

Wedding Photo Wedding Photo

Brody Richard King
(2002 - Stillborn)

Laycee Elizabeth King

Shayla Alys King

Rex Devine's Family Photos